May 20, 2022

All About Hemorrhoid – Everything Explained

Hemorrhoids are swollen and collapsed cavernous bodies in the rectum. These cavernous bodies are important in closing the anus; they ensure that no stool leaks from the anus. When the cavernous bodies in the anus swell and sag too much, we speak of internal hemorrhoids. However, it is also possible that the swelling bodies are located outside the anus. In this case we speak of an external hemorrhoid.

Internal & External Hemorrhoids

For more information about external and internal hemorrhoids and the treatment of hemorrhoids, we recommend viewing the excerpt below. In this we explains what hemorrhoids are and how they can be treated. With persistent complaints, it may be necessary to remove them, for example.

Causes of Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are caused by an increased pressure on the cavernous bodies by, for example, hard pressing. This allows the swelling bodies to swell, sag and then bleed. In addition to pressing, hemorrhoids can develop from:

Constipation & Overweight

With constipation (constipation in the large intestine) you push harder and longer through hard stools. This puts a lot of pressure on the expanding bodies, causing them to swell. In addition, the blood vessels in the exit of the anus are damaged. Above average body weight contributes to pressure on the anus.


During a pregnancy, your uterus grows, which puts pressure on the intestines. The extra pressure ensures a slower functioning of the intestines. A dry and harder stool is the result. In addition, the changed hormone balance also influences the development of constipation.

Symptoms of Hemorrhoids

You can recognize internal and external hemorrhoids by the following symptoms and complaints:

Anal Itching

Anal itching is unpleasant itching around the anus. Often the cause of this itch is difficult to pinpoint, but most often the itch is a result of proctological conditions such as hemorrhoids.

Stool Problem

Stool problems include abnormal bowel movements, inability to defecate or pain during defecation. Listen carefully to your body and do not wait too long with your complaints.

Anal Discharge

An anal discharge is also a sign of hemorrhoids. Keep an eye on this and ring the bell if you experience multiple symptoms.

Sore Feeling

Hemorrhoids can cause a feeling of sickness in the lower abdomen or in the anal area. This can be accompanied by itching or even transition into pain.

Bowel Movement

Is your anus sensitive during defecation or do you notice that it really starts to hurt when you apply pressure? Then it may be that you suffer from hemorrhoids.

Anus Swelling

If you are experiencing annoying swelling at the anus, this may indicate hemorrhoids or some other anal condition . An internal and external examination shows where your complaints come from.

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